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Video Poker Tips

After going to many casinos , I often felt video poker was an easy game to play.I didn't have to deal with things I might know like blackjack but wouldn't consider myself an expert, or baccarat or roped off sections of casinos with people who look like high rollers or experts.Video poker is a game between you and the machine and has more thinking going on in than slots.You can have good trip to the casino win a little or alot of money and go home satisfied.

This site here will give you some ideas and strategy and hopefully when you go to your next casino , you'll have an edge in the game and may go home a winner.

The basic ranking of hands follows poker in general , in addition some machines pay bonuses on different combinations like progressive jackpots.Variations include wild card poker where a card like a duece serves as a wild card.Multiplay video poker machines also is a variation and multiple combinations increase the likelyhood of a royal flush. Theoretically , playing multihand video poker while in the progressive jackpot you increase the likely hood of winning the progressive jackpot and you can play a game for as low a quarter !!.Get the rules of the casino before you play.

Gambling Smarts

Because of gambling's popularity, many people are getting hooked to it even though at times or even if they lose money. Gambling in land or online casinos are luck and skills combination , while some people are known to be good at some games, you could say they have good strategies and knows when they should bet or not. Gambling is the term that is commonly used for betting on online casinos along with betting , wager etc, and this is a very important part of playing if you wanted to make sure you don’t end up losing all your money for nothing. Gambling can be done with academy awards , teams, races, games ,players even actors and actresses. When you start to place your bet you are taking the risk of losing while hoping for your luck as well. However, before you start gambling in an online casino, there are some things that you have to assess and make sure of. more on gambling smarts

Aces and Faces Video Poker Tips

In Aces and Faces Poker ,the player will get paid more credits for four of a kind if you get four aces or four face cards but less for full house or flus. The difference creates a wider zone for the player, who will be waiting for the big payout to hit while getting less credits to maintain themselves from smaller hands. The good thing about this game is that when the bigger payouts happen they are highly profitable. Aces and Faces video poker you want to focus on hitting those bigger hands when you make your draw decisions. Follow these rules to play optimum Aces and Faces video poker strategy; more on aces and faces video poker tips

Joker Poker Video Poker Tips

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The paytable is noted above. The highest payout is for a Sequential Royal Flush. In Joker poker, the joker is wild and can make a royal flush due to the wild card being able to be a subsitute for all cards. The royal flush in this case is 4000 times the bet.Note payouts start at king or better.
Ace Held
The ace was held in this example. The payout included the joker is kings or better. Always hold high cards.
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double or Nothing Round
With every win, you get an option to double your money or get nothing in the bonus round. This can add up if lucky.
Hold Aces Tips
The ace was held but the result was three of kind twos. The machine will automatically give you the highest hand.
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Hold Fullhouses
In this round, the full house was held. Hold winning hands.
Hold High Cards
Always hold kings or better. It yielded a pair. You can always double your money in the bonus round.
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Hold Three of a Kind
Hold all winning hands. In this case, a three of a kind was held.
Hold Winning Combinations
Hold all winning combinations.

In joker video poker, usually you need to get at least a pair of kings to get paid . This bigger hand is required to make up for the number of winning hands that the jokers will provide. So when drawing more cards your decision making will be different than the regular Jacks or Better games. If you follow these basic rules you’ll be playing optimum strategy Joker Poker. These rules are divided into two groups, hands that have a joker in them and ones that don't have a joker. more on joker poker video poker tips

Jacks or Better Video Poker Tips

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Jacks Or Better Paytable
This is the Jacks Or Better Paytable. Payouts start with a pair of jacks or higher. Top prize is Royal flush and it will bring 4000X the original bet.
Hold Face Cards Tips
One Tip is hold all face cards. This is where the payouts start.
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Hold Jacks or Better Strategy
This round the jack was held but got a pair of kings.
Hold Potential Flushes Tip
Always hold potential high payout hands. This case I got a flush of clubs.
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Hold Queens Tip
Always hold a pair of face cards. You might get a four of kind or fullhouse.
Hold Winning Combinations
Always hold winning combinations. Just click the card to hold. It might lead to a higher combination like four of a kind or fullhouse.
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Double or Nothing Round
With any win, you get the Double or Nothing bonus round automatically. Here you can double your money or go bust.

The first thing to remember when playing Jacks or Better is to keep any paying hand except one that has four cards to a royal flush. The sacrifice is worth it if you get a royal flush.. more on jacks or better video poker tips

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One quick video poker tip I notice is to play bonus poker machines , but don't go for the bonus rounds and I tend to win more.Are bonus poker machines more inclined to win ? From my experience it's true and here is a Bonus Poker Video to show exactly what I mean.